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                                                                                           Are you ready to awaken your potential?


  • How are your boundaries?
  • How is your negative thinking?
  • What shape is your body in?
  • What is your spiritual root?
  • What anger do you need to resolve?
  • How do you cope with anxiety?
  • When was the last time you detoxed your body?
  • What needs organization in your life?
  • What needs organization in your business?
  • What vision do you need to structure?
  • Can you benefit from the gifts of encouragement, administration and/or pastoral care? 


Tiffany Buchanan is empowered and equipped to invest into your potential.

She has corporate success leading a team of 60+ employees and supervisors and streamlining administrative processes for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

She completed her Bachelor of Arts Magna Cum Laude and has multiple graduate degrees in the fields of Sociology and Theology with specializations in: Organizations & Institutions, Social Psychology, and Pastoral Care & Counseling.

She is a trained social theorist--able to construct and deconstruct ideologies, social facts and social structures.

She has been teaching at the collegiate level for over a decade. As an Academic Advisor she oversaw cohorts of 500+ students. She has won several awards for her academic and community contributions. She is a member of Golden Key International Honour Society.

Out of personal interest she has researched and studied health and wellness as a lifestyle for over 20 years. She is currently seeking yoga teacher certification.

She is a blogger and published author. Her passion for education, children and philanthropy culminate with the founding of Love Learning Empowerment--a nonprofit education outreach endeavor.

She also currently serves as a chaplain at Jackson Park Hospital where she tends to the mind, body and soul of patients, families, staff and co-workers.

She is a dancer, poet and mother.

She has a very rare personality type --1% of the human population share --infj. INFJ are labeled the "counselor" and "advocate" twice blessed with spiritual vision and understanding. She is often mistaken for an extrovert, yet she is certainly an introvert.

She has a story and history of overcoming, thriving and awakening to her own potential.

She overcame rape, domestic violence, depression and death to bring a message of hope, love, and power to the world.

                                                                                                                 Nothing is impossible for you!

The question is, "are you ready?"



                                                "WHAT DO PEOPLE SAY ABOUT TIFFANY?"





Charles L. King III
Lead Pastor Greater St. Matthew Church Sales Manager Century Center

Tiffany is a masterful communicator that encompasses a vitality to encourage the masses. She possesses great influence, while maintaining an approachable and engaging spirit. Tiffany has that something that isn’t often conventionally trained, she’s committed to excellence, passion, and empowering a diverse group of people. What a pleasure to come across such an enlightened person… CKIII

September 5, 2013, Charles L. was with another company when working with Tiffany at Love Learning Empowerment


Rich Francis

Owner, RBS - Consultants

Committed, focused, a visionary would describe Tiffany - always ahead of the curve. I have known Tiffany for several years and in her business practices and our engagements Tiffany has presented her ideas and programs in a clear and concise manner. Tiffany would be an asset in any organization or business engagement.

February 1, 2010, Rich was with another company when working with Tiffany at RW Consulting


Dennis Gregory

Owner at Gregory Consultants

I've known Tiffany and worked with her for many years and can say without hesitation that her work is of the highest caliber. In addition, Tiffany is a person of impeccable character. I recommend her with pleasure and honor.

January 29, 2010, Dennis was with another company when working with Tiffany at RW Consulting


Kevin Mileski

Tiffany is an independent thinker. Given basic principles and requirements, she is able to accomplish very complex objectives with seamingly little effort. She is forward thinking and task oriented. With every project given to Tiffany, there was confidence knowing it would be done well and in a timely manner.

June 21, 2010, Kevin worked directly with Tiffany at Zurich NA


Alén Takhsh

Principal Attorney, Entrepreneur & Public Speaker

Tiffany is more than an exceptional professional; she is a natural born leader. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Tiffany at Zurich, where she displayed a solid understanding of the various lines of business and consistently exceeded expectations. However, Tiffany's true calling is her unparalleled ability to inspire others to strive to be all that they are capable of being. Indeed, for many, she continues to be the lighthouse in the midst of life's stormy waters. Tiffany's radiant light awaits you!less

January 29, 2010, Alén worked directly with Tiffany at Zurich NA


Jeff Romanczuk

Campus Dean at Strayer University

Our students are adult learners, many coming back to school after several years away. In her sociology classes, Professor Buchanan provides the right combination of support and challenge to keep them going and keep them growing.

October 17, 2013, Jeff managed Tiffany at Strayer University


Celeste Kennel-Shank Groff

news editor at The Christian Century

I have worked with Tiffany Buchanan since September 2013 in the spiritual care department at Jackson Park Hospital, where I am a staff chaplain. In her care for the patients and work in our department, Ms. Buchanan thoughtfully and passionately engages complex issues in her attention to people in their individuality as well as in the larger forces shaping them and their lives.

As chaplains we also are involved in interdisciplinary collaboration with other departments of the hospital, such as nursing and social work. Our hospital staff come from many cultures and parts of the globe, from a variety of economic and social backgrounds. Thus to cooperate and to care for them requires attentiveness to how culture, language, nationality, access to resources, and other factors affect how people interact with their work environment. Ms. Buchanan navigates this context with openness and sensitivity, discerning appropriate ways to share the knowledge she has gained from her background in sociology.

A specific skill of hers is facilitating group discussion. Our department holds weekly groups discussing a text with patients on what are called behavioral medicine units in the hospital, where people receive in-patient psychiatric care. Ms. Buchanan knows how to employ probing questions, careful listening, and patient guidance to direct these groups and elicit participation.

Ms. Buchanan is an asset to our ministry and I believe her gifts would enhance a variety of work settings.

The Rev. Celeste Grace Groff

December 18, 2014, Celeste managed Tiffany indirectly at Jackson Park Hospital


Prof. John F. Stolte

Professor Emeritus and Program Director at Northern Illinois Universithy

Tiffany was one of the best students I ever taught. She is bright, very inquisitive, dynamic. The depth of questions she raised challenged me! Keeping up with her professional development since I knew her as a student has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding. The sparks of intelligence and drive and human compassion I saw years ago have burned ever brighter, as she has moved down her own life-course. Her many accomplishments and her worthy goals....especially as represented by Love Learning Empowerment...speak for themselves. I am delighted to have known her. I look forward to continued outstanding outcomes from her various efforts. She is a leader. She will continue to foster the development of new leaders.less

June 28, 2011, Prof. John F. taught Tiffany at Northern Illinois University




Good Evening Tiffany,
If I don’t get another chance to say it, you have been a wonderful instructor. I love having people like you that are passionate about their work. It keeps a level of interest in the atmosphere.
Thank you,
Corrinne Corbisiero


hey there, I miss your class I look at my life and my environment so much more differently because of you. I want to thank you for everything Ms. B. really.
Maurice Bembry


Dear Professor Buchanan,
I thank you for those wonderful words you sent me yesterday. They are all that I have thought about since first reading them. I was so overwhelmed that when I tried to respond, the words would not come. It is rare that I meet someone such as yourself, that I not only feel is an excellent teacher, but someone I have the utmost respect for as a fellow human being. I will carry your words with me wherever I may go and will always remember this class. I may be an older student, but I believe that life itself is a learning process from beginning to end and I love to learn. You have sparked a fire within me, and who knows, once I get my degree, I may spend the rest of my life fighting for equality for everyone. For now, I will try it with one person at a time.
Thank you again,
Cathy Walp


Thought this might interest you, Tiffany. Your Sociology class has opened my eyes to a whole lot of today’s realities. Thanks to your blunt style of lecture. I like your unbiased gut. Someday, I’ll be like you.
Your student,
Kenneth Igben


Thank you for your considered and honest words. I am touched by your story and that you shared such personal information with me. First, I want to offer you this… Your class, and even more so your personal communications with me, have broadened my understanding of the subject. I’ve also been very impressed with how well you have maintained your equanimity; this is a topic you have strong reason to be touchy about, yet you have remained steadfastly calm and polite in all your responses to me. That’s a lot of patience; I doubt I could do so well.
Kind regards,
Dan Churchman


I would also like to thank you for being a great professor. You are just the second professor in my online education experience that taught with great passion and knowledge. Thank you for everything.
Peter Volante


Thanks for everything. I appreciate how you pushed us to think outside the box and face difficult but true situations. There were uncomfortable moments but they taught me that I can face much more than I think I can.
Christine Conway:)


As an injured soldier returning from Iraq, I want to say thank you. I have listened to your lectures. I have not always been in a position to listen in or participate in live chat, but I have used the chat archive. I have for so long wondered if everybody was asleep and what would it take to wake everybody up and say hey can’t you see what is going on, don’t you see what is happening, We are all in this together. Your lectures and your enthusiasm has helped me so much in my recovery. I hope to download your lectures to my i-pod if they will allow me too. They inspire and give hope. I wish you much success in whatever you endeavor to do, You certainly are a very understanding and knowledgeable person in sociology, I believe that sociology should be taught from the first grade all the way thru high school. We need more understanding and tolerance of each other, and we also need to see clearly what we as mankind need to recognize and face as reality. Bless You.
Vernis Daniel


Hi Tiffany,
You have a way of connecting with people even though we were in class through online technology..I always felt like I was sitting there in a room with you. So as you continue to revise and improve your class (and I know you will) keep these qualities. I know you had no way of knowing, but this student went from hating the thought of this class to wishing it wasn’t over so soon. You help your students more than you may realize. I guess what I’m trying to say is over the past five and a half weeks you have taught more than just the subject matter. At least for one student you have taught how to see things in a different light (or as you would say “different lens”). Thank you so much for this class and doing what you do. It has been an Enjoyable class. I hope you keep teaching because if you can teach an old dog new tricks I can just imagine what you’re doing for the puppies!
Thank you so much,
Sanford “Dean” Hainey


Bridgette Sharp
Owner, T&T Systems

Mrs. Buchanan was one of my instructors at Colorado Technical University. During the short term I had with her I learned more and took more with me than I did from any other class. She not only strives to get the best out of her students, she puts forth the best from herself. I will never forget my experience as being a student of hers. I came out of her class with the ability to look at things in a different unbiased view point which I had thought impossible prior to the class. Mrs. Buchanan is the type of person/teacher that you remember 20 years down the road as one of the teachers with the biggest positive influence on some of your academic decisions. In my case she has not only positively impacted some of my academic decisions but some of the things I learned in her class also helped me in bettering myself personally.

I can honestly say, had it not been for Mrs. Buchanan's influence on me I would have never pursued my education and completed Masters Degree. I would highly recommend Mrs. Buchanan for any position in which she is applying, she is without question an asset to the educational field.

Bridgette Sharpless

August 2, 2010, Bridgette reported to Tiffany at Colorado Technical University


                                                                                          Are you ready to awaken your potential?